Re-Opening Schools: Thinking forward in the new normal

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Re-opening Schools: Thinking Forward in the New Normal is a three part webinar series that will focus on the ways educators structure their instruction in this new environment.  I am very excited to be able to collaborate with Edumatch and Black Teachers Rock in order to bring this webinar series to you. Districts all over the country are grappling with the best way to deliver high quality instruction while keeping staff and students safe. Over the course of three sessions, I will invite experts in the field of learning and motivation to discuss how educators should consider the delivery of content in a virtual and face to face environment.  We will discuss specific learning and motivation ideas that educators can use as they prepare for the next school year. 

Webinar Part 1: Cognitive Load

The first webinar in the series Dr. Tara Beziat and I will discuss Cognitive Load and how educators should consider lowering the cognitive load as instruction is delivered and resources are given to students. Often time, educators believe that we are providing all of the information that our students need. However, the information we are giving our students might be too much too soon.

June 23, 12:00 pm, Zoom, click here to register

Webinar Part 2: Self-Regulation

The second webinar in the series Dr. Nicolette James and I will discuss Self Regulation that allows educators to consider how to make our students more self regulated.  As we give instruction to our students, every educator wants their students to be self sufficient a self starter.  Our students need to be self regulated in this new environment and we're going to discuss ways we can initiate that in our students.

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Webinar Part 3: Looking Forward

The third webinar in the series we will discuss the future.  When the next school year starts, what are things we should consider for the success of our students.  Districts are deciding on what school is going to look like, but, we should be ready to be the best professionals we can be to enhance the direction our schools are moving towards.

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